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Robert J. Barnhart

Robert Barnhart has a BA in comparative religion from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He has been a strong advocate for the study of psychoactive materials in spiritual and nontraditional healing practices for many years. He sits on the board of both The Heffter Research Institute and The Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. He further sits on the board of COSM, supporting the visionary art work of Alex Grey. Mr. Barnhart is active caring for the well being of our planet's environmental ecosystem.


Other than having produced A New Understanding, Robert is also a producer for Huxley's Exit, and an associate producer for both Mantra, Sounds into Silence and MDMA, The Movie. He has also supported and made contributions to Wise Medicine, A DocumentaryFrom Shock to Awe, Divinorum, Sushi, the Global Catch, God Made Man, and Time is Art. Robert currently lives in Austin, Texas where he is enjoying life as a father.


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