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Q&A Following the Screening of ANU at Psychedelic Science 2017

We are thankful for our opportunity to attend Psychedelic Science 2017, hosted by MAPS, to screen our film, A New Understanding. We met with many remarkable people who have dedicated their careers to making these substances clinically and therapeutically available to those who need them, as well as supporters of the movement and even some who showed up out of sheer curiosity. This is a fascinating time we are living in as these substances, initially recognized for their misunderstood potential and shortly thereafter placed out of arm's reach by malicious drug scheduling, are reentering the field of medicine and providing a hard subjective look at current treatment methods.

Following the screening of the film, ANU producer Robert Barnhart shared a brief Q & A with the audience, during which some excellent comments and questions came up. Some of the audience members also shared a bit of their own thoughts, experiences and perspectives regarding the capabilities of psilocybin and substances of the like. Check out a short segment from the Q & A in the video below.

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